Our Mission

At Pure Orbit, our mission is as pure and simple as our products to deliver improved quality of life for as many people as we can in a safe and effective way. We do this through our dedication to providing the highest quality CBD oil products in the industry, while offering the highest level of service to our customers.
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About Chris

Pure Orbit was founded by Chris who, as an athletic guy, needed help to soothe the chronic pain he suffered as a result of past sports injuries. After searching for several years for healthy, natural ways to alleviate his chronic pain and discomfort, Chris found that nothing seemed to work. On the recommendation of friends, he stumbled on CBD and it worked miracles!

As a result of Chris’s absolute faith in CBD oil products, Pure Orbit was born.

What followed was a long period of meticulous research; Chris learned all about CBD oil, conducting research and testing until he found the perfect formula. His amazing formula now makes up Pure Orbit’s high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil.

And Chris? He’s now living pain-free and confident that the Pure Orbit line of products will do for his customers what it did for him; provide long-lasting, complete relief from pain.

Pure Orbit is proudly veteran owned and operated! We believe our purpose on earth is to serve others, enhancing quality of life through our fast and effective CBD oil products. At Pure Orbit, we believe everyone has the right to live pain-free, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get there!